Nowadays security cameras are part of our lives. Even if you haven’t purchased a security camera yet – it doesn’t mean that you are not a user of the video surveillance systems. Anywhere you go you will see security cameras: video surveillance cameras on the streets, ATMs, office surveillance, etc.
Here are some interesting stories how video surveillance systems helped to save lives:
• In 2015 in the US a 3-year-old child was left unattended and he almost felt from the balcony from the 3rd floor. Thanks to Security Cameras they had in the house parents came at the right moment to save his life.
• Another story happened recently in Canada. Family went for a walk to the park and didn’t notice that their kid was bitten by a wasp. As they came back a child went to the backyard to play and suddenly started to choke. Only because of the Video Surveillance they noticed that something wrong and hurry to help him.
We hope that this post explained you the importance and the need of the surveillance systems at your house. Give us a call and we promise you won’t regret about your decision.