It is very important for liquor stores to have video surveillance. Because they are considered as an easy targed for small theft and that can lead to major financial losses.

Advantages of  CCTV 

Simple to use and install: IP Camera systems are quick and simple to install, service and maintain. 

Prevent vandalism and theft:  The best place to install cameras is where customers as well as employees can see them. This way it will deter vandals and thieves.

Increase safety: Alcohol plays a huge role with security. Problematic customers who enter the store intoxicated can cause major problems. Security cameras may help keeping your employees safe in the event disgruntled or intoxicated customers act up.

Monitor several locations at once: Owning several liquor stores or a chain of liquor stores is not a problem anymore. With the rise of modern NVRs ( Network Video Recorders) you can now monitor and record multiple locations from virtually anywhere. You can see all your stores from one location or create a group of your most important cameras to monitor.

Theft –  Its always a good idea to have alternative security methods in place in case a robber attempts to steal or vandalize one of your security surveillance cameras. Also alternative security methods will make your employees feel safe.

Privacy for Employess – Employees want to feel safe but also trusted. Protect the privacy of your staff and employees by keeping your security cameras installed in public places such as the stockroom and sales floor.