There’re different options for commercial businesses to implement video surveillance on their property.  We want to tell the common mistakes people do when they decide to install security cameras by themself.

No Consideration Of Potential Obstructions/Sunlight Issues

When you’re installing security cameras, the positioning of the cameras is super important. If you take a walk around the perimeter of your property, you can likely spot a few angles that will be the right spots for your property.
Be absolutely certain that you take the sun’s position into consideration as the last thing you want is to have a strong glare from sunlight blinding out the viewing angle during certain times of the day.Typically, it’s a good practice to install cameras under the roof at a downwards angle as this protects the camera from the elements and most direct sunlight. If you tilt the camera down so no visible sky comes into view, you’ll avoid lens flair and distortion.

Camera Set Too High

It’s only natural to feel the need to mount cameras at the highest point of your building to capture as much footage as possible. But if you install your camera too high you won’t get as detailed picture as you would prefer.

Ignoring The Benefits Of Professional Security Camera Installation

If you are serious about properly installing security cameras you should consider to hire a prefossional company. You will only benefit from that because professionals will:

  1. Advise you where the cameras should be located to cover all the areas of your property;
  2. Advise the right product that will work best for you;
  3. Maintenance;
  4. Support 24/7;