Security cameras have a lot of applications. For example, if you have security cameras at home you can use it to tell when the package arrived or check your property while you are on vacation. If you own a convenience store your security cameras can help you to deter crime and prevent your employees from stealing.

Whatever you are buying a security camera system for, you are going to have the debate of quality versus quantity before you buy it. Most security cameras are connected to Digital Video Recording or Network Video Recording devices  which have hard drives for storing security camera footage. You can have a terabyte of memory storage for your security camera footage but if you are running several cameras on an okay resolution – such as 1280 x 1024 – at 30 frames per second, you’re going to have to delete recordings within two weeks or less. But that is only if you want to get the best image quality on your camera footage.

A lot of people will decide to run their cameras on a lower setting so they can store security fottage for longer time. But is it worth it? What if accident occur and you can’t really see faces of intruders because you decided that storing security footage is more important than quality. Security Surveillance Group advises you to not use the lowest possible settings, especially if you ever hope to use your security system to identify a burglar or robber.