Protect Your Retail Business

Theft is a real and insidious threat to both retail and office environments, resulting in billions of dollars in losses each year. Arming your facility with a video surveillance system is essential to thwarting theft in the workplace.


Benefits of Retail Video Surveillance

  • Prevent employee and customer theft
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Reclaim losses
  • Improve employee behavior
  • Instill a safer working environment
  • Reduce liability

HD Resolution for Pristine Detail

Catching theft on video is not nearly as valuable as being able to identify the person who did it. Investing in an IP video surveillance system with 720p or 1080p HD resolution provides the level of image detail needed to make a positive identification. Low resolution security cameras, which are most often CCTV systems, can produce grainy images that make it virtually impossible to identify distinguishing features on a person. When you speak to us, we’ll assess whether 720p or 1080p suits your loss prevention needs.


Safeguard Your Property Against Vandalism

Take control by warding off vandals with powerful video surveillance solutions. If your property is vulnerable to vandalism, now’s the time to take charge and stop it. Video surveillance can be an indispensible tool in preventing trespassers from stepping foot onto your land or in your building.

Benefits of Video Surveillance for Vandalism Deterrence

  • Reduce vulnerability to vandalism
  • Catch criminals in the act
  • Prevent trespassers from loitering
  • Maintain safe grounds for patrons & staff

Vandalism-Resistant Cameras

Many of today IP surveillance cameras are able to withstand physical damage, thanks to intelligently designed vandalism-resistant enclosures. This is an important consideration when selecting a camera, as perpetrators will often attempt to disarm them with physical force. The tough design of vandalism-proof security cameras ensures that you’re well guarded against miscreants with ill-intentions.

Protect Your Employees with Video Surveillance

More than ever, businesses and organizations need to ensure their employees are not only protected against internal conflicts and on-the-job injuries, but are physically safe in their working environment. Here we’ve worked on countless projects focused on augmenting employee safety and understand how crucial it is to focus on the safety of your company’s employees.

Modern Video Surveillance Systems Have Numerable Advantages:

  • Reduce and/or prevent employee lawsuits
  • Enforces safety policies, resulting in a safer workplace
  • Limit liability as a business owner
  • Record and analyze employee injuries
  • Make employees feel safer in their working environment
  • Spot and address unsafe working practices
  • Maintain a safe working environment for everyone

Maintaining Internal Safety Compliance

An HD video surveillance system plays an integral role in helping companies stay in compliance with safety policies. In many work environments, the safety of employees is of utmost importance and the only definitive way to ensure safety policies are being enforced is through the use of security cameras. Monitoring the workplace enables management to control employee safety and other hazards that may present a harmful threat to employees. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recommends taking safety seriously in the workplace by continually identifying and implementing solutions to mitigate potential workplace hazards. Video surveillance systems make it possible to avoid workplace accidents and maintain employee safety.


Your Ticket to Enhancing Safety & Security

With the constant influx of vehicles coming in and out of parking lots, keeping tabs on each vehicle is imperative to nurturing a safe environment for everyone, especially in poorly lit parking lots that are susceptible to criminal activity. Implementing a reliable surveillance system within the confines of a parking lot greatly enhances security and safety.

Benefits of Parking Lot Surveillance

Prevent Vehicle Theft – Many thieves see parking lots as potential gold mines – miles and miles of cars or personal property that they can take. Visible security cameras can help deter thieves from breaking into cars on your lot, and can help aid law enforcement in identifying criminals who do rob cars on your lot. Cameras can also help prevent theft of store property – shopping carts, outdoor displays, tables and chairs, landscaping, etc.

Increase Public Safety – Customers are undoubtedly the most essential aspect of many businesses. Keeping your customers happy and giving them a sense of safety and peace of mind when they’re shopping at your business establishes a sense of trust and loyalty.

Reduce Liability – It’s inevitable that an accident will happen in your parking lot. Whether it’s a car crash, a slip, or an errant shopping cart denting cars, video surveillance is an easy way to avoid costly liability claims, and even suits.

Identify Unpaid/Prohibited Vehicles – Similar to a “dine-and-dash” in restaurants, drivers can attempt to leave the parking lot without paying. While most parking lots are monitored by attendants, it’s virtually impossible to ensure that every area of the lot is fully covered by staff. Surveillance cameras have the power to capture license plate numbers, allowing you to decide if you want to press charges or prohibit that customer from utilizing your parking lot in the future.