Remembering that you left the garage door open may stop you in your tracks on the way to the office. Burglars can sometimes enter homes through this often overlooked area of home security—and even if they can’t enter your home, there are likely still expensive items in your garage that they could steal.

Reports of garage burglaries have popped up all over, and burglars are able to do their business easier when residents forget to close their garage doors. Take your security back—and never wonder if the garage door is open again—by adding home automation to your home security arsenal.

What’s so Secure about Home Automation?

You might think home automation is just about smart coffee pots and Alexa playing your favorite tunes as you walk from room to room. These things are definitely cool, but there’s a lot more to home automation—especially when you harness this technology to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Imagine if you could have those eyes in the back of your head that your mom always talked about. Well, home automation does even more. With remote apps, motion alerts, and streaming video, you can keep an eye on what’s going on at home from just about anywhere.

You can do more than simply observe, too. If you leave your garage door open, or you’re afraid you didn’t lock the front door, all you have to do is access your home security app to lock everything up nice and tight right from your office. And it doesn’t stop there. You can control the lights to make sure the living room light turns on before your kids get home from school, ensuring no one ever has to walk into a dark house again.

Depending on the type of system and components you choose, home automation devices can even let you greet people at the door when you’re nowhere near home. Certain security cameras and smart doorbells provide two-way audio that allows you to hear what’s happening at your house and speak to delivery people and other visitors. You can also use door and window sensors to be alerted if a door or window is opened or tampered with.

Is Home Automation Easy to Use for Security?

It’s all fine and good to hear about the perks of using home automation for extra security, but it doesn’t make a difference if the systems are too complicated to use. Luckily, these devices are pretty simple. If you know how to use a smartphone, chances are you already have the skills to operate an automated home security system.

Most systems come with user-friendly apps that you can access on your phone or other mobile device. The apps have a control center that lets you set up alerts, check in on what’s happening, and interact with your system. If you connect your system with your garage door, it shouldn’t take more than a swipe of your finger to make sure that your garage door is closed.

Best of all, the alerts that automated systems provide are typically either texts or emails. If you’re already used to staying in touch via these forms of communication, then you have nothing new to learn. In addition, most systems provide 24/7 customer service to help you if you get stuck.

How Do I Get Started Increasing My Home Security?

Contrary to what you might think, adding home automation doesn’t have to break the bank. Depending on your home security needs,  and your budget, there are plenty of automated security options available.