In recent years, security cameras have become commonplace in most public settings. They can be found in government buildings, banks and stores. Increasingly, bar and club owners are also installing surveillance cameras to protect patrons, employees and assets.




Here I will  list 7 tips to secure a Nightclub: 

  1. IP or Megapixel Cameras
    If the nightclub currently uses analog cameras, it should consider upgrading to IP systems as the former does not capture adequate information. This is especially true in the case of cameras that are located near cash counters, installed with the aim to catch any malpractice.
  2. Pan Tilt and Zoom and 360 Degree Cameras
    For a wider field of view, the SI recommends using at least PTZ cameras. Ideally, though, 360 degree cameras would provide the best coverage and ensure best possible monitoring.
  3. Low-light cameras
    Nightclubs and are often dark and this means regular cameras are useless. Day/night cameras and infrared cameras should be used to accommodate darkness
  4. Guard against shrinkage
    There should be security cameras installed to monitor areas where inventory is stored or is in transition.
    “Stock rooms, liquor coolers and loading docks where shipments arrive and where alcohol, food and other valuables can be walked out by dishonest employees need to be monitored,” One Source Security pointed out.
  5. Follow health and safety standards
    Cameras should be positioned in the kitchen to ensure proper health codes are being followed by the food-handling staff. This will also help in making sure employees are not stealing food and beverages while on the job.
  6. Monitor Service Areas
    Security cameras are extremely important in places where food and drinks are served.
  7. Enable remote monitoring
    Owners cannot always be at their business sites, especially given the odd hours that nightclubs work at. To counter this problem, security solutions should be made accessible on mobile devices.